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2 Responses to Show Info

  • John Sloan says:

    Just wanted to let you know that not all of the OSB mills have moved out of Michigan, as the caller earlier had said. I am listening to you from my job at the Weyerhaeuser OSB mill in Grayling. It has been here since 1982, providing 180-200 good paying steady jobs .
    Just wanted to let you know and keep the record straight. Love your radio station. I listen all day and all night, depending on which shift I am working.

    John Sloan
    Grapple Jockey
    Weyerhaeuser OSB, Grayling

  • Roger Calven says:

    Several days ago Obama announced his intent to conduct a surgical military operation against Syria, sighting the crossing of the red line of Syria deployment of chemical weapons against the freedom fighters. Many articles appeared in support, ignoring the likely hood of the freedom fighters actually the initiators of those gas attacks.

    Lyndon LaRouche says that upon the launch of the first cruse missile by the US into Syria, starts the process of a rapid run-up to escalation of the chaos that will most likely lead to thermonuclear war.

    Many things have to be done immediately to prevent that, however the prime and lasting solution is to remove the power of the existing genocidal financial empire, currently controlled by the British Empire headed up by a fanatical old woman who wishes to reduce the world’s population to under 1 billion persons, quickly. The in-depth solution is the quick removal of their power of the purse by re-legislation of Glass-Steagall law here in the US, and thence in other Nations. The Queens assets here in the US, Wall Street and Obama, power eliminated, will free the population -be they Democrats or Republications, or Others. It is the time for Patriots to contact their Congressmen and demand that this Glass-Steagall be re-instated, as the core to eliminate thermonuclear war and usher us into a Nation of thermonuclear – Fusion power generation.

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