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Greg Marshall Show Topics 7/16/2013

Ticked off Tuesday!!

Ticked off Tuesday

Thanks for all the calls on ticked off Tuesday, great calls with very diverse things to be ticked off about.


Judge throws out state rep’s challenge to new Detroit River bridge


Lansing — A Detroit mayoral candidate’s lawsuit seeking to block Gov. Rick Snyder’s plans to build a Detroit-to-Windsor bridge has been dismissed by an Ingham County judge.

Circuit Judge Joyce Draganchuk recently tossed out state Rep. Fred Durhal’s lawsuit challenging the governor’s legal authority to enter into a June 2012 agreement with Canadian officials without the Legislature’s approval.

Snyder bypassed lawmakers last year after they refused to vote to approve Canada’s offer to cover Michigan’s $550 million share of building the six-lane $2.1 billion Detroit River crossing, known as the New Crossing.

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Pregnant women could be given VIAGRA to ‘boost baby growth’

Pregnant women could be given VIAGRA to 'boost baby growth'
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Jeantel: “The Jury, They Old. That’s Old School People. We In A New School, Our Generation”

#BroChoice – Support Abortion for Casual Sex

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